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“Prepping” is the somewhat new term for being prepared.  When I was growing up, it was a way of life!  Grandpa and Grandma had their farm growing everything they needed and canned foods to get through the harsh winters of upstate New York.  Grocery stores, tv, and complacency have taken us away from these roots which  there is a great need to return to now.  The major storm “Sandy” was a good example of what can happen and a lot of people relied on the “preppers” for help when the government and local authorities didn’t do Anything!

Over years of moving a lot, having kids then divorcing and being a single Mom for 9 years, then personal illness and loss of my second husband, I never could get much put back as it seemed the hard times never ended.  My sister, a Mormon, gave me lists for a years supply of basics to keep and I started picking at the lists, never seeming to get ahead.  But with all the crazy weather, chemical and oil spills everywhere, economies collapsing and threats of government takeover and EMP,  a sense of urgency was creeping in to really get serious about it.  Then last year, I was blessed to meet a wonderful man whom Off The Grid Magazine labeled ” one of the most academically and technically trained preppers in America “!

Ron is one of those uniquely blessed people that almost never forgets anything he has experienced/learned.  He has helped me see that I had more than I thought in the way of preps but I’m also sadly lacking in a lot of areas.  I started reading his books and loved the ideas  and tips in them plus the way he writes feels like it’s your story and you’re right there in it!  I liked them so much, I nudged him into the audio market and even helped produce some of his books into audio!  He really cares about our fellow man being prepared for what’s coming and having worked in/with the government, knows we Have to become self-reliant because no one else is going to “come save you”!

It’s never too late to start prepping a little bit at a time or as much as you can!  A good start could be reading/listening to Ron Foster books such as the “Preppers Road March” Trilogy and “Solitary Man” series through and  His “Rural Ranger” is best in book form as it teaches a lot on trapping and snares with illustrations too.

Me?  I’m officially a “prepper” now and loving it! There are so many online resources and broadcasts with chat features that you can quickly build knowledge as well as community that there is no excuse for Not being “prepared”!