In The Groove

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What is “In The Groove”?  The crazy meanderings of someone who has tried to follow the “straight and narrow” path of being an enlightened and informed human in this chaotic Universe!  After seeing (with many other people) a UFO at age nine, I knew there was a lot more than we were being told was going on.  Life is a voyage of discovery of what we are made of and if we know where we came from, then we know where we are going!

I was “lucky/unlucky” enough to be an Air Force brat that moved almost every year and was always “the new kid” when school began.  Moving so much gave me understandings that many people who don’t move may never see, such as no matter where you go, Home is where the heart is; people around the world are the same as us with different languages and cultures to celebrate; Change is the Only thing that is constant and you better keep up with it!

If you are “In the groove”, you experience life as the ebb and flow that it is with synchronicities and intuition showing you the path.  It’s not always what you want at the time, but when you look back honestly, life has given you the lessons you needed:  Did you listen?


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